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The Weckbecker Electronics Company, originally known as 'L.Weckbecker', was founded in 1976 in Germany. It was the brain-child of Gert Weckbecker, a parachute rigger with a passion for the sport and his work. In 2003 the company was moved from Germany to Italy and passed to Gert's Italian wife, Flavia Di Battista.

Not only did The Weckbecker Electronics Company construct the electronic Automatic Measuring Device, which has been used throughout the world for accuracy training and competition jumps, but also the famous piggyback containers, 'PIT III' and 'PIT IV', and this was used by many sport parachutists at that time.

Since moving to Italy, the company has concentrated solely on the production and development of the Automatic Measuring Device (AMD) for the discipline of Accuracy Landing in sport parachuting.

Over 30 years The Weckbecker Electronics Company has gained a wealth of experience and our AMD has been used at many world championships and other international events during this time by both the military and civilian community - to name but a few; the Seoul Olympic Games and several world parachute championships in France, Sweden, Brazil, Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Japan and Slovakia. Other international competitions include Thailand, Indonesia, Morocco and naturally Germany and Italy. The system is also widely used at the Europa Cup and World Cup Series. Our next encounter will be the Arabic countries, starting with Dubai.

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